• Use Multilearning all-in-one platform to drive attendance, process registration, host amazing webinars and display Magic Webinar® Replays with slide navigation along with instant interactions between viewers thanks to the Hybrid Buddy™
  • Every type of module available on the same page with access restriction on any of them
  • Live polls with real time results, chat, Q&A and every attendee engagement tool you can think of, on one page
  • Click on DEMO PAGE to see how you can captivate your audience for weeks on end, thanks to our new all-in-one solution
  • Get ready to unleash the full potential of your activities, year-round!

multilearning all-in-1 page centralizes everything you need to host your next webinar:

  • Total Webinar Registration solution with email reminders

  • Zoom API or the ability to live stream your session

  • Hybrid Buddy™ widget for live chat, polls and moderated Q&A

  • Magic Webinar® Replay with slide navigation

  • Assessments, evaluations and certification

  • Handouts and PDFs

  • Microlearning modules

One-stop-shop event proceedings platform with C.E.
  • Are you looking for a powerful platform with an AI driven search engine system, engaging and extremely well structured, ready to meet all your virtual education needs for years to come?
  • The multilearning lms is the perfect digital library to host the proceedings of your virtual or in-person meetings and to transform any session you wish into a continuing education certified activity
  • Its cloud-based authoring tools are easy to use right on their own and allow you to create highly interactive rich media learning modules with engaging forums, with no additional software required!
  • We provide personalized training for each and every service and tool we offer as well as optional turnkey management, instructional designers, scientific writers and 24/7 live support

MULTILEARNING LMS may be used to serve one or several objectives:

  • Virtual Event Platform
  • Hybrid Event Platform with Hybrid Buddy™ attendee engagement widget
  • Digital Library Platform to host the proceedings of virtual & in-person meetings
  • Virtual Accredited Courses & Webinar Platform
  • ePoster Platform & to host individual Poster Session Virtual Rooms
  • eLearning Platform with Cloud-based authoring tools
  • Gamification Platform

Features of our engaging and flexible virtual education platform include:

  • Integrated webinar and virtual classroom tools
  • Cloud-based authoring tools
  • Magic Webinar® From webinar recording to webinar replay with slide navigation
  • Fast Magic Webcast® From lecture recording to webcast with slide navigation 
  • ePoster with self-recorded audio narration and embedded videos on sections
  • Powerful user and content management tools
  • Shopping carts based on users’ profile
  • Analytics & reporting systems
  • For over a decade, MULTILEARNING has helped hundreds of In-Person event organizers embrace ePosters and get the thumbs-up from delegates and authors
  • With the move to virtual and hybrid events, poster sessions can get “hidden away” and lose their vitality. Thanks to multilearning eposter solution you can put Poster Sessions back on center-stage during your Virtual Event
  • We offer a complete and robust solution with poster session virtual rooms and section-by-section eposter display with self-recorded audio narration
  • Your authors, submitters and attendees will appreciate our 24/7 support agents available to help them throughout the process


​Poster sessions have never been so exciting! Run your sessions with hundreds of individual virtual classrooms simultaneously.



With section-by-section viewing, multimedia capability and interactive tools, our ePoster solution walks the walk when it comes to engaging the audience.



The MULTILEARNING LMS contains a submission and review section that allows poster authors to upload poster files and videos, give consent to publish, and self-record audio narration on each section. Throughout the process, our clients have an at-a-glance view of submission progress. 


Our intuitive, stand-alone solution allows your delegates to either “self-present” posters or opt for scheduling oral presentations



Organize oral ePoster sessions with our onsite pre-management tool regardless of the number of sessions you are planning to include. We work with your onsite AV Provider and provide turnkey services from inception to onsite delivery.


Developed as a stand-alone platform, our ePoster solution also connects with your Virtual Event Platform via API to provide seamless Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience for your attendees.  We also provide meeting app vendors with embedded links allowing them to display ePosters, with full zoom in and narration features directly from their mobile app.




ePoster demo with self-recorded audio narration and embedded video
Video Tutorial "How to use your browser to record an audio narration on each section of your ePoster"
Watch an example of a virtual event poster session, jump to SLIDE 30 of this webinar replay
Mini-Guide on Virtual Event Poster Sessions published on Meetings Net
2 Case studies on Virtual Event Poster Sessions

  • The market’s most customizable virtual & hybrid event platform with turnkey management and 24/7 live support for your faculty members and attendees
  • Host engaging Virtual or Hybrid Events on the award-winning MULTILEARNING LMS and unlock all features you have ever dreamed of to host your virtual event
  • In addition to our amazing technologies, we provide turnkey management of your Virtual & Hybrid Events from coordination to delivery
Virtual Accredited Courses & Webinar Platform
  • Unlock all the features you have ever dreamed of to host your next engaging accredited courses and webinars
  • The multilearning lms is a full-featured & engaging virtual education platform with a powerful virtual accreditation tracking system to host accredited courses / stand-alone certified webinars with the ability for late-comers to Live sessions to accumulate missing time by watching webinar replays
  • Are you using Zoom for your webinars? Take them to the next level right up to certification, thanks to our Zoom API Integration

Do you have a one or several days long virtual accredited course or just a stand-alone accredited webinar? An activity that you want to be highly engaging with a faculty well prepared? Give late-comers to live sessions the ability to get their full credits by accumulating the missing time by watching webinar replays?


We provide Turnkey management, from coordination to delivery. Our team & technology is the perfect combination for outstanding immersive live sessions and instant release of webinar replays with the most advanced technology on the market. 


24h: We provide your attendees and faculty members with live chat support with our agents throughout your activity 24/7. 

Engaging eLearning Solutions & Services
  • Our cloud-based authoring tools are easy to use right on their own and allow you to create highly interactive rich media learning modules with engaging forums, and strong feedback tools on quizzes, with no additional software required!
  • Join a growing number of organizations that create their eLearning activities thanks to MULTILEARNING LMS cloud-based authoring tools and engage your users in unprecedented ways, with record numbers of forum interactions

Here are examples of activities you can create with highly engaging discussion forums:

  • Microlearning
  • Scenario-based microlearning
  • Self-paced eLearning courses
  • Discussion-based activities
  • Certification exams
  • Evaluation forms and Surveys
  • Gamified modules with quizzes and live scoreboards
  • Open-access patient education activities
  • Virtual Classroom (& Workshop) with session time tracker
  • Accredited blended courses combining live sessions and on-demand materials

Our Instructional Design Team will help you organize and present your content effectively and in a way that leads users to actively engage with it, by means of quizzes, reflection exercises, groups tasks, social learning, etc. They will also help you make optimal use of the features available on your personalized MULTILEARNING LMS, according to your specific needs, budget, timeline, available resources and target audience.


Beyond that, our team can train you and provide ongoing support to your team to become fully autonomous in developing and managing the eLearning activities on your LMS.

Hybrid Buddy™ Attendee Engagement at its best
  • Turn Online & Onsite Attendees into active networking participants
  • Features include chat between all attendees or private one-on-one with animated avatars, run live polls (able to display multiple questions at once), and allow attendees to ask questions to the speakers.
  • In addition, moderators have a special administrative view to monitor activity, control the participants' chat and receive and manage all questions submitted by attendees.
  • During hybrid events, onsite participants and moderators have instant access to the interactive widget thanks to QR Codes
  • Hybrid buddy™ will become available as a SaaS Product allowing conference organizers to integrate this advanced widget on their live streamed sessions to enable interactions between online and onsite attendees. Stay tuned
Zoom API integration for educational activities
  • Is managing all your Zoom activities giving you a big headache? 
  • Take advantage of our all-in-one webinar and webinar replays platform where you simply plug in your Zoom API key

From registration & payment to easily accessible Zoom sessions, followed by the release of your webinar recording as a lecture with slide navigation and deep search, all on a single URL.

The all-in-one MULTILEARNING platform will provide your attendees with an effortless and engaging experience, right up to certification.

On a single URL (virtual. yourdomain .org) :

  • Users register and pay to access your Zoom activity
  • Add the activity to their personal calendar
  • Get instant Zoom access thanks to magic links
  • Access your webinar recordings with slide navigation and deep search, thanks to our Magic Webinar® Technology
  • Unlock the power of your slide-based video lectures by giving your viewers an enjoyable way to learn thanks to Slide Navigation
  • No more sitting through a long uncut video where finding specific content is difficult and time-consuming.
  • Your participants will enjoy resuming from where they left off!
  • Unlock the power of your slide-based webinar recordings by giving your viewers an easy and enjoyable way to learn
  • Our player makes watching magical with features such as slide navigation, highlights, keyword search and skippable video ads

Video lectures are cut into slides or short clips, providing straightforward navigation and selection/search functionalities and a format allowing users to comply with your accreditation body requirements by monitoring their progress to completion.

We work with your AV Vendors and provide them with our Cloud-based bulk upload center to easily upload all video lectures for “magical” transformation.


Magic Webinar® will become available as a SaaS Product thanks to our unique embedded video player that enhances the enjoyment of learning thanks to slide navigation and search functionality. Stay tuned


With Magic Webinar®, there is no better way to:

  • Optimize Viewing Time: Quickly publish video lectures in a format that gives viewers the ability to watch what matters

  • Increase Engagement: Make your video lectures memorable thanks to slide navigation and search functionality

  • Control your advertisement: Break free from unwanted ads and recommended materials by displaying your skippable video ads and other suggested content

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