• With section-by-section viewing, multimedia capability and interactive tools, our ePoster solution walks the walk when it comes to engaging the audience
  • No more difficulty reading posters, you can even view them clearly on your phone!
  • Delegates “self-present” each poster by viewing each section on full screen, listening to narrations and watching embedded videos
  • Hundreds of discussions are created as delegates interact with poster presenters and colleagues before, during and after your event.
  • Plus, we do all the work and communication process for you!

Features include:

  • Section-by-section self-presentation
  • Ultra-high viewability with 400% magnification on sections
  • Audio narration (recorded by the author)
  • Embedded videos with adaptive streaming
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Create discussions or message the author
  • Save as favorite, and rate and comment on the poster
Demo & Video Tutorial for Poster Presenters
ePoster demo with self-recorded audio narration and embedded video

Video Tutorial "How to use your browser to record an audio narration on each section of your ePoster"

  • Organize oral ePoster sessions with our onsite pre-management tool regardless of the number of sessions you are planning to include
  • We work with your onsite AV Provider and provide turnkey services from inception to onsite delivery
  • Organize your oral ePoster Sessions by day, topic and more
  • Section-by-section presentation allows viewing from a greater distance and, therefore, a larger audience.
  • A “Session Lock” on each station limits access to specific posters assigned to a session
  • Poster sessions have never been so exciting!
  • Run your Poster sessions with hundreds of individual virtual classrooms simultaneously
  • Get your audiences buzzing as they interact with the authors in virtual classrooms
  • We provide Poster Presenters with the training they need to present and field questions with confidence
  • Monitor the number of poster presenters and their respective number of participants in real-time!

Includes features to maximize interaction.

  • Full Poster Display, Presenter and Participant Cameras (optional), audio, Live chat with a Q&A section, pencil highlighter and more
  • Section-by-section presentation close-ups, audio narration, videos, and event branding
  • Virtual rooms with up to 200 attendees.

​Developed as a stand-alone platform, the MULTILEARNING LMS also connects with your Virtual Event Platform via API to provide a seamless Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience for your attendees.

  • Our intuitive, stand-alone solution allows your delegates to either “self-present” posters or opt for scheduling oral presentations
  • Easy interaction via a unique QR code on each ePoster
  • Delegates can engage in one-to-one or forum discussions and download the posters
  • Activity reports measure engagement per poster/session/day
  • We've streamlined the eposter submission process!
  • Our submission and review section allows poster authors to upload poster files and videos, give consent to publish, and self-record audio narration on each section
  • Our clients have an at-a-glance view of submission progress
  • 24-hour support: live 24/7 support from our dedicated customer agents for poster presenters throughout the submission process
  • Developed as a stand-alone platform, our ePoster solution also connects with your Virtual Event Platform via API to provide seamless Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience for your attendees.
  • We also provide meeting app vendors with embedded links allowing them to display ePosters, with full zoom in and narration features directly from their mobile app
References & testimonials
  • Virtual Event organizers often complain that their tech platform does it all but none of the legwork
  • What if you could leave the piano-moving to a trusted partner and dedicate time to piano-playing?

A Paradigm Shift for Digital Posters:
Real-time Presentations with Peer Interaction!


By Joel-Zvi Chetzroni, CEO



Digital poster technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. The initial versions of digital posters were simply a digital image of a paper poster, with an added benefit of zooming in on a section of the poster. There have been several variations of this format in recent years, with little technology added.


However, with the pandemic, the lack of in-person contacts required the introduction of audio narration on eposters to give a human presence to the work. To deliver this new functionality at a sudden large scale, the option to self-record audio narration to each section of a poster was provided to poster authors.


Then the demand for more interaction between poster authors and viewers made it critical to move from individual poster presenters “talking” to the audience to interactive digital poster sessions in the virtual environment.


To meet these needs, Multilearning, in collaboration with numerous medical & scientific organizations, developed a way to gather presenters and attendees in what has become the optimal setting to host Virtual Poster Sessions.


The Digital Poster Session format effectively replicates and improves upon in-person poster sessions by using virtual classrooms. The virtual classroom uses webcams, text chat, video playback, slides, audio and virtual pencils to highlight content. This allows the poster presenter to have multi-channel interactions with attendees at their fingertips. Attendees can choose to be on camera or interact via text while chatting with the author in real-time.


To bring success to this educational approach, Multilearning developed an additional feature to provide presenters with a pre-uploaded and reformatted poster file optimized in an easy-to-read format along with other supporting multimedia components to facilitate the presentation of their poster content.



As with all meeting technology, things continuously improve. With ePosters, this Digital Poster session format is set to elevate medical & scientific meeting organizers programming and attendee experience, and will only get better from here.


Based on case studies we conducted, we conclude that thanks to this new digital Poster Session concept, organizations can now easily replicate and improve the level of educational exchanges occurring during in-person poster sessions.



..."I had to send an email to celebrate the successful event.  Our first-ever SSC virtual meeting couldn’t have had a better partner than Multilearning. ​This was an amazing feat to pull off in such a quick turnaround."...


Cary Clark

Director of Programs and Education

International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis





..."I would like to thank you all for your tireless efforts to make our virtual congress last week a great success. We work with professionals who have high demands and are difficult to reach. This requires a lot of flexibility and resilience. We work with

 them on a daily basis and would like to compliment you on your efforts to go along with that."...


Arjan Appel

Executive Director

European Association for Endoscopic Surgery


Mini-Guide on Virtual Event Poster Sessions published on Meetings Net 

Article on "Oral Poster Sessions demystified thanks to ePosters!"

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